Jack O'Hurley June 3, 2010 Announcements

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all out enjoying the summer weather! We’ve been busy here at Swaptree making some cool new developments that, just in case you haven’t noticed, we’d love to share with you all.


Check out the changes to your profile page by heading here: [url]http://www.swaptree.com/WebFrmMySwaptree.aspx[/url] and clicking on either your profile image or the link “view my profile/friends”. Notice that we’ve updated to a tabbed layout we you can easily find a user’s feed of recent Swaptree activities, the item reviews they may have published, and the friends and groups they may belong to. In your own profile, this tabbed layout is the best way to keep track of your interactions with the site. Many of you were asking about how to access the friends feature, and we’ll be adding additional functionality to this tab in the near future. In addition, we’ve added a new ‘list’ feature that will allow users to create lists of everything from favorite thrillers to most difficult video games to the top 10 novels that brought them to tears. Check out the list feature by clicking on any item, scrolling down and viewing which lists the particular item has been included on. Click on any list to view all titles, rate the list, or view other lists by that user. Create a new list by clicking on any item, scrolling down to “user lists”, and clicking the link ‘create a new list’ in the lower right hand corner. We do plan on making the list feature more intuitive by incorporating them into your profile. For now, play around and have fun with it! While working on keeping the site easy-to-use, fun, and safe, we’re continuing to promote and grow Swaptree as much as possible. This simply means more items that are available for trade! Don’t forget to check out our 10 day giveaway here: [url]http://www.swaptree.com/giveaway[/url]. Keep on swapping! Best Regards, The Swaptree Team

Jack O'Hurley June 3, 2010 Announcements

Swaptree.com also announced a $6 million financing round led by Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. /quotes/comstock/13*!sfe/quotes/nls/sfe (SFE 11.23, -0.07, -0.62%) , with participation from numerous private investors. This latest infusion of capital will be used for new hires and marketing initiatives focused on fueling the growth and uncontested dominance of the 'online swap' category. The new round of financing brings Swaptree.com's total capital raised to date to $11.95 million.

"Swaptree.com is poised to become synonymous with the category of 'online swap' in the same way eBay has become synonymous with 'online auctions'," said Jeff Bennett, CEO of Swaptree.com. "After spending the last year on Swaptree.com's board of directors, I'm very eager to assume leadership of the company. I look forward to making Boston-based Swaptree.com an iconic Internet business and one that will positively impact the health of the planet."